Terms & Conditions






1. A provisional booking will remain firm for a period of five days. A deposit of £50 per week is

required to confirm a booking. If the deposit is not received within the five days then the booking

will be cancelled.

2. The outstanding balance must be received 6 weeks prior to the commencement of the holiday. In

the event of the commencement being less than 6 weeks payment in full is required.


If final balance is paid by credit card a fee of 1.5% will now be added to final total

3. A £75 security bond will be added to the balance payment. This will be refunded within 14 days

of your departure, if the caravan is left in a clean and tidy condition and free of damage. All items on

the inventory will be checked after departure and any items missing or damaged must be paid for in

full. The hirer must inform the owners of any breakages, faults or problems as soon as possible.



1. Notice of cancellation of Caravan booking must be given to the owners in writing as soon as



2. If you cancel more than 6 weeks prior to your holiday start date the deposit will be forfeited.


3. If you cancel less than 6 weeks prior to your holiday start the following deductions will apply

a) 6-3 weeks prior to Caravan Occupation – 50% of hire charge.

b) 3-2 weeks prior to Caravan Occupation – 60% of hire charge.

c) 2-1 weeks prior to Caravan Occupation – 70% of hire charge.

d) Less than 1 weeks prior to Caravan Occupation -100% of hire charge.


4. In the event of cancellation the security bond will be retuned in full 14 days after cancellation.

5. The Hirer is advised to take out adequate travel insurance to cover losses should there be a need

for cancellation due to an insured event beyond the Hirers control resulting in financial loss.


6.This caravan is not owned by bates holidays put sublet for another owner on park

The owners reserve the right to cancel occupancy without notice. In such an event the Hirer shall be

notified as soon as is practical with the Owners liability limited to the value of any payment received

from the hirer.

Bates holidays has no liability if the owner cancels your holiday we will inform guests has soon as we

possibly can



1. The caravan is 8 berth and should not at any time be exceeded

1a all beds have mattress protectors And must not be used without

linen and duvet covers on them.

2. The caravan is only available for rent by families and responsible adults. The Hirer must be 25

years or older and must remain present during the occupancy.

It is a policy of the park that the Caravan cannot be let to:

a) Parties whose members are all under 18 years of age

b) Parties whose members are all young males or all young females.

c) the inventory needs to be check when you arrive if anything is missing please telephone

01384 886131 or 07970031627 after 2pm and I will phone you back to save on the cost of the call

If you do not any losses from the caravan you will be liable for even when you not taken the


3 It is a holiday home for families and responsible adults.


4. For hygiene reason no pets allowed.


5. No smoking is allowed inside the Caravan.

The area surrounding the Caravan must be kept clean and tidy.


6. Clothes are to be dried on the airer provided and at no time be dried over heaters. Clothes lines

are not to be erected.


7. Tents are not allowed on the park.


8. The Park Management or Caravan owners have the right to terminate any holiday if the general

behaviour, or noise level of any party is unacceptable to them or complaints have been received. No

money will be refunded in this circumstance.


9 bedding is now supplied please use them to make your beds up when you leave please leave on

kitchen table

You will need to bring your own towels and tea towels.


10. Please park the car/cars in the marking bay (max of 2 vehicles park rules)


11. No ball games to be played near to the Caravan


12 The Owner or his representative shall be allowed access to the Caravan at any reasonable time

during the occupancy.


13. The site Management and Caravan owners will not be held responsible for any injury, death, loss

of property or damage suffered by the hirer or member of their party.


14 The Caravan is available from 2pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10am on the day

of departure.


15. Please leave the Caravan in the same condition as you found it.


16. If the caravan is damaged in any way or inventory items are missing or damaged then any

damage or missing items must be paid for in full

17.Keys if keys are lost while you are on site due to the security issues involved

The locks on the caravan would have to be changed and you will loose your security bond has the

cost of replacing locks and keys involved